Who We Are

Capitol Response, LLC is a political and campaign compliance firm that provides clients with varying degrees of compliance, financial, and data services. It is our mission to provide our clients with consistent and quality service, allowing them to become more efficient and giving them the ability to focus on their day to day tasks. 

With the constant changes in compliance and regulations at the FEC and the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, we act as our clients’ eyes and ears to ensure they are always in compliance with state and federal law.

The Capitol Response team has provided expert ethics and compliance services for over fifteen years and has worked with elected officials on the federal and state levels. Our team is equipped to maintain and ensure that your organization, political action committee or campaign is within full compliance of the law. 

The experts at Capitol Response will prepare your campaign or PAC financial documents, process information or registration and file all reports under the strict guidelines of the law. We are able to custom build compliance solutions for our campaign or PAC clients that include; compliance with federal and state ethics laws, contribution caging, data entry, and record and database services. 

Our Capitol Response team is up to date on the constantly changing world of campaign finance. We regularly attend FEC conferences and roundtables to stay on top of the latest rule changes and advisory opinions. Our dedication ensures that your organization can expect and receive the highest level of service.

Our Services


Stay ahead of compliance and regulatory changes at the federal and state level.
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Federal Candidates

Maintain appropriate records with the Federal Election Commission. Complete federal electronic filings with the FEC or US Senate.
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Georgia State Candidates

Maintain registration and complete electronic filings with the Georgia Government Transparency Finance Commission on behalf of the organization.
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Contribution Caging

Coordinate and collect all contributions for entity.
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Records & Database Management

Execute all data entry of receipts and disbursements. All data to be maintained in database.
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Produce highly customizable periodic financial reports that show the specific information the organization wants to see. Reconcile receipts and expenses with financial institution Administrative bookkeeping.

Our Team

Elizabeth Bissell Barton 

Director of Compliance Services
(770) 435-5586
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